1. On the top menu bar, the About menu is in alphabetical order but it might be better if it went in order of importance with Leadership first... Brand last, etc.
2.The "ABOUT" link on the top of each Chapter's page doesn't link anywhere.
  1. Most Chapters don't have photos of their directors nor bios. Would be nice if they did! Some of the names aren't even capitalized or have a period in between the first and last name almost like it was taken from an email address
  2. The "follow us on social media" section at the bottom of the Chapter page has links to content from 7 months ago.
  3. "The Latest" section at the top has articles from 2021. Maybe this should be sunset for now?
  4. Would be nice if at the top there was a drop down for all of the chapters. Currently you have to navigate to the bottom of a page to find a link for the chapters. Or it's under "Events" which doesn't seem like it belongs there. Maybe "Events" could go under "The Latest"
  5. When navigating through the top menu bar, it would be nice if the menu names WERE NOT clickable. It's a UI preference for sure but it's not always intuitive that there is information behind that first title. You know for sure people won't miss anything if you don't make it clickable and instead add a sub page.
  6. Job Board - do we use this much? Is this a focus? It seems pretty bare bones to have it's own header.
  7. The Leadership section has the list of Chapter Directors but it's missing a large majority. Maybe remove the photos from this page completely and instead add links to the individual chapter pages? Would also be nice if all those in the Leadership section had bios.
  8. Financials - Missing 2021 and possibly 2022 (depending on filing deadlines)