Hey folks, Techqueria has launched a new community feedback platform powered through Canny.
Through Canny, we'll be able to capture, organize, and analyze feedback at scale all in one place to better inform the decisions our leadership makes as part of the community feedback roadmap. We can see what is requested the most so everyone feels they have a voice and we'll be able to clarify use cases up front so we can focus on building what the community wants.
We've made this platform a part of onboarding, our website and will also be integrating it so all new posts, milestones, status changes and changelog updates pipe to #meta. All board members and staff will have access to tracking feedback and adding feedback to the roadmap.
Every 2 weeks, board and staff will take a look at the most upvoted post to discuss and potentially action on it while communicating any updates via Canny.
As a part of this change, we will be archiving the following channels in favor of having all questions and feedback pipe to #meta so it's easier for feedback and questions to be consolidated in Slack.
  • #meta-interim-board-members
  • #meta-chapter-directors
  • #meta-hosting-events
  • #meta-code-of-conduct
  • #meta-slack-engagement